60th Birthday Wishes for Wife

Happy 60th Birthday to my beautiful wife. May God give you all the happiness in this world, because you deserve it.

Back then I was busy with my work and you were whining. Now, you are busy with your grandchildren and I am whining. Well, what can I do? Happy 60th birthday my love.

Even at 60, you make sure the family is complete every single day. Well, I am lucky to have a wife like you. Happy 60th birthday.

You will be an excellent poem in your sixties, I bet. Congratulations on turning wiser and cooler- wifey.

May each and every wish of yours come true and may we be together forever to celebrate them all. Happy 60th birthday wife!

Dear wife, Happy 60th birthday. Love you more than yesterday.

Happy 60th birthday, my gracious. Stay impressive and make the world wrapped around your fingers.

Before you officially turn 100, here is a token to remind you 40 more years to go. Be more gorgeous and greater then. Happy 60th birthday, love.

The world got lucky to get blessed for 60 years with your existence. You are a gem, indeed. Love you.

Well, no need to be grumpy about your gray hair and wrinkles. They look great on you. At least I have no problem. Happy 60th birthday.

A happy 60th birthday to the very special woman who can still make my heartbeat like a drum.

Many birthdays have come and gone. But the more I think, a wife like you is one of a million. I think about it in all your birthday. Happy 60th birthday my love.

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