Best Pregnancy Wishes for Friend


Heard about your good news! It’s really going to be the best feelings of your life. I wish you the best health and happy pregnancy. And I am sure that you will be the best mom out there.

I came to know about the best news that you’re pregnant, Let’s through a party for all of our close friends and I will be the host of the party… Happy pregnancy!

The most beautiful scene in the world is “A baby hold his/her mother’s hand and walking on the road “. I can’t wait to see the wonderful scene. Congrats on your pregnancy.

Holy! A new life has started blooming inside you and you’re starting a miraculous nine months journey. Warm wishes for you and your husband.

The families getting bigger eh! Well, I am really excited to hear the news. Congratulations! Enjoy each of the moment to your fullest.

Right now, I wish I could see your happy smile on that face. Really! What a surprise! Well, at least I will get to see an amazing mother. Congratulations.

Waiting for the day your baby cries with all its might. Wow! Must feel like a miracle, right? Congratulations!

God bless you! What a piece of great news to start the day. Here’s a toast to the beautiful mother and her stork. Wishing for safe and memorable delivery. Congratulations!


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