Christmas Wishes For Family Far Away


How I am missing all of you on this Christmas Eve! All I wish you a great Christmas for the lovely family full of love and happiness.

Being miles apart, sitting alone; nothing matters much. May the love and bonding of our family stay united forever in this way. Merry Christmas!

May this Christmas delight you with happiness, pleasure, and laughter. Happy holiday season.

Never a day goes by when I do not miss you people, but I miss you the most on the holiday season. Merry Christmas, dear family. May Lord always bless you with happiness and health.

Wishing all the very best for you during this holiday season and throughout the year. Praying for your good health, prosperity, and happiness. I love you and miss you so much, Merry Christmas.

May this Christmas brings you fond memories, opportunities, hope, and sweet bonds. I Hope Jesus will stay bless with us throughout the year. May we always stay happy and true. Amen.

No family is perfect, but the bonding we share is much special and never-ending. Merry Christmas to all of you lovely people.

In this best time of Christmas Day, all I want Santa Claus to bring my family to me, and that would be the nicest gift ever. Miss you all!


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