Congratulations for New Dog


Now, you won’t be available on our hangouts cause you will be cleaning the poops of your new pup. Congratulations on your new dog.

Thanks for giving me one more reason to visit you every day – you have brought home the cutest thing ever. Congratulations.

A new puppy hasn’t just entered your home, it will soon enter your heart and stay there permanently. Congratulations.

Your family is perfect. But with a new pet dog, it has become picture perfect. Congratulations.

Congratulations for your new fur friend. Now all your money will be going on dog food.

I am happy that we won’t be getting any boredom text from you from now on. Congratulations on having a new puppy.

Congratulations for your new puppy. But it’s really confusing who’s gonna take care of whom.

“There’s a saying. If you want someone to love you forever, buy a dog, feed it and keep it around. – Dick Dale

Just like how butter melts on a hot pan, your heart will melt when your cute puppy takes a nap in your lap. Congratulations.

You will now understand the real meaning of forgiveness when your new puppy licks you even after you scold it for pooping on the sofa.

The man’s best friend that you brought home better not take the place of your real best friend. Congratulations.

I can see that you have fallen, in love and your heart has been permanently taken. Congratulations on your adorable new pup.

Congratulations! Now that you have a pet, our hangout spot will be your house.

You have not just brought home a cute puppy. You have brought home a cute little bundle of happiness. Congratulations.

You have committed one of the greatest acts of charity by bringing a puppy home from the animal shelter. Congratulations.

Congratulations for getting home a dog. Now you will realize the meaning of unconditional love.

Your pet dog is going to be your friend who will never judge you, never care about how much money you have, never have a grudge against you, and always love you until his dying breath.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings


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