Father to Be Card Messages

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Your manhood is going to be tested as fatherhood. Wishing you peace and patience. I’m sure, this baby will bring uncountable happy moments in your life.

Can’t wait to help you count all those fingers and toes. You’re going to be an amazing Dad. Congratulations, soon father to be.

Finally, we are going to have someone who’ll be sharing the same genes of a crazy good look as you. Best of luck and Congratulations to you!

The little one will bring the biggest joy to you and your family. More laughter, as well as tears, will follow. All will be worth it. Congratulations to the new father-to-be!

Congratulations for being a father again. Be a loving dad to your child and give him all the happiness of this world. Best of luck.

Congratulations to the man who is going to be a father very soon. I’m so happy as you’re going to embrace a beautiful and new journey of your life.

Hey, soon to be father, I just heard that you are soon to be converted into a vegetable of a man. Congratulations anyway!

Congratulations! Being a dad is one of the most challenging and most fulfilling roles in the world. Get yourself ready for it. Best of luck!

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