Funny Goodbye Message To a friend

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In these final hours, I would like to let you know that you have a lot in common with bankers, my friend. It’s because I owe you a lot. Take care of yourself!

I kind of feel like making you hold a stick. But, even then, it’s not possible to make you stick around. Take care. Goodbye!

My relationship with you, my friend is like a traffic signal. All this while, the signal was red, but now it’s turned green. It’s time for you to walk the road to greatness. Goodbye!

Adios amigo. Thanks for everything else. I’ll miss discussing about cute girls in school.

You’re like a narcissistic football player. You’re always thinking about your own goal. And now that you’re leaving, I really feel like kicking your balls. Take care, bud!

I have had painful breakups in my life, but letting go feels so liberating. I guess it’s because you were always a pain in the ass. Take care of your sorry ass.

Farewell, my friend. I shall miss talking about our mutual dislike for boys.

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