Funny Things To Write In a Christmas Card

Santa has taken away all the presents he had given you only if he could come to the school on a normal day. Merry Christmas by the way.

Don’t write a letter to Santa for gifts. He checks emails only now. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is not about only having presents, it also includes giving a present. So what are you going to buy for me?

Do You know why you didn’t get presents from Santa this year? Cause it’s time to send Santa a return gift. Merry present leas Christmas to you.

I wish you remember to brush your teeth after eating candy all day long. Or else you will have no tooth left on next Christmas.

Christmas is the loveliest occasion of the whole year. It’s gentle but jungles with your own authority. Happy Christmas.

Wherever I go, you come with me to protect me from the evil world. That’s why you are called “My Bodyguard!” Merry Christmas!

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