Goodbye Messages for Husband Going Abroad for Work


When the earth will stop revolving around the earth, only then I will stop missing you. Goodbye and have a safe work trip, dear hubby.

I am strong outside, but my heart is breaking into thousand pieces while saying goodbye to you. I will wait for you every day, every moment. Goodbye love.

Only God and I know the feeling when you go away from me. But I keep telling my heart that you are going to work, for our future. Goodbye, my sweetheart. I am waiting to see you soon.

This work is very important to you. Concentrate on your work. Don’t worry about me. I will be waiting for you. Just come back safe and sound to me soon. Goodbye.

When you are not with me, nothing seems interesting or good to me. I really miss you all the time. Please finish your work soon and come back to my heart. Goodbye.

We will be in a long-distance relationship. But that doesn’t mean you will be away from me. You will be in my mind and heart. I will miss you. Have a nice journey.

I know, without sacrificing and working hard, nothing can be achieved. So I am convinced that this will bring good things for us. So go and work very well. I will be here to take care of everything. Goodbye husband.

I will not see you for many days. But you will be in my heart always. I will feel you, honey. Work hard and grab your success. I love you. Goodbye.

You were asking why my eyes are wet. I couldn’t say anything. The truth is my heart is going far away from me. Though it is for your job. How can I live without my heart? I love you my darling. Come back soon.

Today you are going abroad. I am strong outside. Because a soldier’s wife has some responsibilities too. But inside I am burning honey. Have a safe journey. I wish you all the best for your job.


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