Goodbye Messages for Husband Going On A Trip


It is always hard to say goodbye to the person, whom you love most. I feel empty inside and outside. My love, please come back soon from this trip. I will miss you so much.

You are the world of mine. You are the jewelry of mine. Come back soon to me. I know my jewel will shine like a pearl after this amazing trip.

Your absence will surely give me pain. Your touch; your warm hugs will be missed. But I will not cry. I know you will come back soon after your trip. I will be eagerly waiting for you. Goodbye my life.

You are going miles away from me. It is really a very hard thing for me. But I will be fine baby. This trip will remove all the monotonicity of your life. And when you are happy I will be happy. Goodbye.

I will live my life with your loving memory until you come back to me. Surely I will be fine. Your love has made me strong. Goodbye, my man.

I hope you will enjoy it a lot but deep down miss me a lot as I will miss you. Goodbye sweetheart.

Yes, I will be sad when you will go away from me. But I hope you will be cheerful, happy and refreshed after this trip. Have a wonderful trip darling!

I wish that this trip will be a good trip for you. Enjoy your trip, have fun. But lastly, come back soon safely. Goodbye, my sweetheart.

I will miss you so much, honey. But I respect your wishes and priorities. So have fun and have a super trip. Don’t forget to bring chocolates and gifts to me. Love you.

It is not easy to live without your heart, but I know you will take care of mine with care. Have fun on the trip. Goodbye love.

Wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous trip, my dear husband. Come home soon because saying goodbye is harder than ‘I love you.’


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