Religious Pregnancy Message for Friend

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Can you feel the God is smiling and angels dancing around you? Well, guess what? A piece of heaven just came down to you. Stay blessed always. Congratulations.

Now I believe God knows better. He sent you a baby just to prove that there is no other person better than you to become a mother. Congratulations.

It’s a blessing from the heavens. But a miracle for you in the world. Good is spreading his blessings on you. Best wishes to you and congratulations.

Your pregnancy proves that God really loves you. Because you have been selected for one of the greatest roles on this entire universe and that is “Motherhood”. God bless you and your unborn.

The God has so much to offer. He likes to send his blessings from above us. You are witnessing one of them. Congratulations.

Congrats! I’m so much excited about your pregnancy news. I’m expecting that my careless friend will be the most caring mother. I pray to God to make sure the good health of the baby in your womb.

The God is entrusting you with a great and amazing gift. Wish he will guide you through these fantastic nine months journey. Congratulations and warm wishes.

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